Jan 16th

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Here's the first Christmas present I've made for next year :D - one of the scarfs from the kits I showed you yesterday. The kit's actually twice as long but as I'm making these scarfs for little girls I think the length I've done will be plenty (and I can make the extra wool into another scarf). It was great fun to make and very easy once I got the hang of it.

Jon has been busy taking out the fireplace out of our bedroom and bricking up the hole that was left. He's hoping to do the plastering tomorrow and then we can get on with the painting - it's going to look fab. I spent the day with the monsters doing a few jobs in town and playing all afternoon - good times :D

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Leah said...

sweet scarf! love the color!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Already on Christmas? And I thought I was doing good starting my list for Christmas :P

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