The worst tended blog ever.... :(

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Considering I am currently participating in Shimelle's class for improving your blog, it is pretty poor that this is my first blog post for a month. The move went really well but then I got ill with a chest infection and have spent the last 3 weeks feeling very sorry for myself and not doing a lot else. On top of that we decided to decorate the craft room/office before unpacking all our books and scrapping stuff so all my lovely PPs are languishing in boxes - I am starting to crave a crafting session so must be getting better!

Happily the electrician is just finishing putting in some new sockets and we will then be able to get on with painting the woodwork and laying the new flooring which will be the end of the decorating. :) :) :) Then Jon will put up the desk and shelves and I can unpack everything and get some scrapping done. My parents are visiting on Sunday so we are hoping to have the room pretty much finished by then.

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