Catch up - 28th and 29th January

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Well, I've had a busy few days. Have done quite a bit of scrapbooking - all LOs for my Christmas Journal:

It's nearly, nearly finished now - I just need to scrapbook photos from our day out on Christmas Eve and photos from Christmas Day itself.

I've also been busy with these:

It was my cake sale for Haiti yesterday at work - loads of people baked and even more came and ate - we sold out in 30 minutes and raised £450 - far more than expected and I was overwhelmed and delighted!

Finally last night we went see Avatar - the special effects were amazing (we saw it in 3D) but it wasn't really my sort of film so I was a bit disappointed. Jon loved it though.

Jon's off at rugby today and I've got the monsters. We're off to B&Q soon to buy a shower :S and are then going to a fab park in Farnborough - I need to tire them out so they go to bed nicely tonight and I can finish my christmas album...

Almost forgot - here's a blog to be going on with, it's one of my favourites so hope you like it too!


Dragonfly said...

Lovely christmas layout pages and the cakes look yummy, you did well with what you collected for Haiti.

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