23rd and 24th Jan

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Sorry late post (again) but with good(ish) reasons. On Saturday I was singing and dancing my heart out to the Rocky Horror Picture show at Southampton Mayflower Theatre. We had all dressed up (photo later, sorry can't upload at work!) and were very glad we had as we were in the second row from the front and everyone around us was wearing amazing costumes. The people in normal clothes looked quite odd! Everyone joined in and danced along to the Timewarp and there was an amazing atomsphere. If you get the opportunity to go along to the UK tour, DEFINITELY GO, you'll have a great time!

After all the excitement on Saturday (including a curry after the show and several wobbly pops!) I was rather jaded yesterday :S - spent the morning recovering and the afternoon at the garden centre drinking tea and buying a new addition to the family - Princess Holly the Hamster - who is extremely cute and rather shy at the moment. I was going to craft in the evening but instead curled up on the sofa with hubbie to watch gladiator and went to bed early.

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