11th Jan

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Back at work today and back to normality, despite lots of snow still hanging around. Hopefully it'll be gone by the end of the week as I've had enough now and am ready for spring to start!

Spent my lunch hour going through my (probably far too long) list of blogs I have on my favourites list and having a bit of a cull - tried to keep those which are relatively up to date and mainly about craft/scrapping, rather than visits to the vet, people's holidays and other non crafty stuff. Still have far too many to keep up to date with but I do like looking at them for inspiration and ideas. Thought it might be fun to post one of these per day so here is today's.

After spending some time last night stroking some paper and not really doing anything I thought it would be useful to get together a list of aims for this year - not sure what I'll get done but it might help me get more focussed.

- Start Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers class - this just didn't happen last year as I was too busy moving house
- Finish Everyone Has A Story - another Shimelle class, I started this one in Gosport in November 2008 and did lots of LOs for it last year, I then got a bit behind and the class format changed so I need to print off the new PDFs shimelle has emailed and get on with this again
- Do some Christmas LOs - JYC got dropped in a mad December, but we did take some nice photos and I did have a nice album made so this is probably my top priority to do, so I can put the Christmas stash box away for another 9 months.
- Am liking the look of Documented:2010 here - have my envelope already.
- Birthday LOs - I started in a minor way folders to keep LOs in for the boys birthdays - I have 4 to do for Charlie and 2 to do for Owen and a 5th birthday fast approaching in April so it would be good to do these by then.
- Other crafty stuff - have ordered some knitting/crochet your own scarf kits which are the start of my effort to give people home made stuff for Christmas next year.


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