9th and 10th Jan

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Lots of creativity going on here this weekend, mainly to keep the boys amused as they have realised that snow is rather wet and extremely cold...

- Making gift tags Each year after Christmas we choose some of our cards to recycle into gift tags. The bast cards have one image on the front of the card (eg a robin or santa) with nothing on the back of it. I cut out the image in a circle/oval using pinking shears and then use them as gift tags next year. This year I have also stamped an image on to the plain background which I will write over when I write the gift tag. I used a stamp of a snowman juggling snowballs with gold ink, but a tree or bauble stamp would work just as well.

- Thank you cards I try to do something different for the boys thank you cards each year. This year the boys did potato prints of stars, moons and rockets on to some blank cards I had in my stash. I have then written the thank you notes in side them and they are in the process of signing them, 2-3 at a time. Hopefully we'll get them all done by the end of the day for posting tomorrow.

- Baking So far today we have made butternut squash soup, a stew (still going in the slow cooker), and flapjacks, and we're also planning to make some banana muffins from Nigella Lawson's Domestic Goddess recipe book - just need to get some honey from our local store. Our pantry is starting to look a bit bare but the snow's looking like it miht start to disappear in the next few days and Jon will be able to stock up.


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