27th Jan

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Skipped last night due to a small boy who wouldn't go to bed and popping out for an extra concert rehearsal with the band we're singing with on 21st February. I really should have been at a choir practice tonight but instead I have been baking cakes for the cake sale I am organising at work in aid of the DEC Haiti Earthquake appeal - I decided to do something after reading a post on soulemama here. This evening I've made fairy cakes, a lemon syrup loaf cake and coca-cola cakes all from Nigella Lawson's Domestic Goddess book - very enjoyable and I may bake some more tomorrow night. Surprisingly have NOT been having little tasters for the chef as I go along, lost 2lbs last week and would like to do the same this well so being v disciplined.

Have also done a couple of LOs for the Christmas journal today as well but the camera's batteries have inconveniently given up the ghost so will share asap. Am pleased with them anyway and did them in a speedy fashion rather than my usual lingering quite non-productive way and they look just as good as the normal ones! (maybe there's a lesson there!)

Here's a blog for you to enjoy!


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