A new obsession?

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I really love scrapbooking but one of my aims this year was to try some other crafts and to branch out a bit. At this year's stitch and craft show my Mum and I had a go at making jewellery for the first time, so tonight I put my scrapbooking stash away and got out this:

All the beads and the wire came from the workshop and the tools are recent acquistions! (and very good value too!). We had made a bracelet in the workshop so tonight I had a go at recreating it and making the matching earrings. These were the finished pieces and I was extremely pleased with them:

The instructions for them are here and I will definitely be having a go at a few more jewellery projects in the near future.


Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely Cathy, really great, and super colour choices! You've started something new for exactly the opposite reason I haven't! I'm frightened of starting and likinig anything else; I have neither time funds or room for another obsession!!

humel said...

Wow, it's gorgeous! :-) Jewellery-making is one of the (many!) crafts I want to try...

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