Getting organised

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Someone has asked me about my last post and how I have got more organised, so here are some details:

1. I have used google reader to organise my blogs so now new posts automatically appear and I only have one site to check - this has probably been my biggest time saver of all and though it takes a bit of time to set up, it's definitely worth it.

2. I am using principles from to organise my housework. I have a different set up to lots of people in that I work full time and my husband stays at home with the kids - he's FABULOUS at looking after the children but doesn't seem to have time to do much house work?? We now have a morning list of jobs (washing up, hanging washing out, checking calendar, getting food out the freezer); an evening list of jobs (tidying washing away, putting a load on, feeding hamster, washing up, emptying bin) and a weekly cleaning plan (i.e. one day to change bed linens, give bathroom/kitchen a proper clean, hoovering twice a week). Having this written down has been really helpful and freed up a lot of weekend time.

3. I buy cards and presents monthly for all birthdays that month on the day I am paid. This means we don't have last minute crisis and satisfies my urge to spend money!

4. We are keeping a much closer eye on our budget and where we spend money - there is definitely more work to do in this area though.

5. I have done some archiving and filing and now have the room to put paperwork away as soon as it arrives :)

All this means despite 2 meals out this weekend I will hopefully have some time to join in the UKS cybercrop, I am a thimble :)


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