This week's LOs

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Have actually managed to fit in some crafting time this week and picked up my Everyone Has a Story project again - am planning on having a catch up during August so there should be lots more of these LOs appearing again. One of the EHAS prompts was to do with milestones and I hadn't yet created a LO about my wedding, despite printing off the photos for it before the workshop last November! Anyway I found the photos last night, got the prompt out again and came up with these, really enjoyed writing about all my memories of a very happy day.

Have also done some CJ entries this week and had my first go at paper engineering - am pretty sure the owner of this CJ won't see this hidden away here - the theme of the CJ was 'Rainforest' and my LO was about tropical butterflies:


Sally said...

Love the slidies in the CJ Cathy - may have to borrow that idea! The wedding LOs are lush!

Angie said...

Love the 'I remember' journalling. These are all the bits you would have forgotten in
10 years time ...but would not have wanted to.

That Butterfly page is brilliant with its slider.

Anne said...

Lovely wedding layout!

The circle journal looks fab too. I keep thinking I would like to join in with one of those, but I've got to get my bravery levels up first - I would hate someone to be disappointed with what I made for their journal!

tee said...

Lovely wedding lo and I love the " I remember" journaling also!

fifib said...

lovely pieces of work, I must do my wedding pics.

Fiona x

Diana said...

Doesn't it feel great to get those older photos scrapped and journaled? Great job!!

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