A lovely birthday????

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So it was my 34th birthday on Saturday. We are keen campers and had planned a trip to Hollands Wood in the New Forest. We couldn't plan the weather though and it was pretty bad, torrential rain on Sat night from 8pm till about 4 in the morning so no birthday drinks outside for me! Still just going to bed really early was a treat in itself as I never normally seem to have time to catch up on my sleep.

The other thing we couldn't plan for were insect bites and Charlie got bitten/stung badly and woke up on Sat morning with the left side of his face completely swollen. We sat for 3 hours in Lymington hospital before he was sent home with some high dose anti-biotics - happily he seems much better now and his face is gradually going back to normal!

I did get some lovely presents though (largely I think because I wrote a list this year and gave it to Jon several weeks ago!) - a woodware trimmer, a lovely new photo frame, a big kids cartridge for my Slice machine, and lots of lovely new inspiration books - Sew Pretty Homestyle, The Creative Family, Homemade, and The Big Ass book of Crafts. Also got lots of money for new stash so did very well I think!


Angie said...

Glad you had a good birthday and nice pressies.
Sounds as though charlie had an alergic reaction too ...poor thing ...he wont forget that weekend in a hurry. Ahh to be 34 again

Tina said...

Happy Belated Birthday glad you had lovely time..

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah many happy returns, like Angie, I'm thinking ah 34...although I can safely say I wouldn't ever have spent it in a tent. Go you!
Your pressies sound scrummy, love the idea of a Big Ass Book of Crafts!

Mole said...

A belated happy birthday to you - hope the swelling has subsided on your son now!

Carmen said...

There is a new strain of mozzies about they are huge, they don't buzz so you don't know they are there and their sting is stronger. Myself and my middle daughter are both allergic to them and both have been to hospital because we have swelled up so much in reaction to just one bite. Now before we go to bed I spray all the bedrooms with fly spray just to lessen the chance of being bit. They are horrible.

On a happier note - cool pressies! :D Happy belated birthday.

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