December 3rd - ALREADY catching up!

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OK I was already behind with JYC - Wednesdays are mad for me as I get the boys off to school and nursery, work a full day, nip home for some tea and then spend the evening singing at the wonderful Park Angels. So I had a mini catch up tonight.

First of all I did my LO for yesterday - Shimelle's theme was weather but I strayed from the brief as I really wanted to include a LO about how this is our first year in our new house.

This is the reverse of my LO for December the 1st which was on acrylic so I needed to make sure I covered those elements - a photo of the house will go in the little flap on the right hand side, but its always dark/raining when I am at home at the moment so I need to wait for the right weather to get a decent photo. The journalling is about how happy we are to be in our new house after 18 months of trying to move.

Today's LO theme was cards and I stayed a bit closer to the brief. Owen and Charlie both designed cards this year at school and nursery that we could buy prints of to send to our friends and family. I really wanted to incorporate them both but my album is quite small (6x6) so I had to think carefully how to do it. In the end I based the LO on an envelope which both the cards slot into - I love how this has turned out.

This is the front:

This is the back (I love Owen in his Santa hat and wanted to be able to see it:

And this is the LO with the cards taken out:

And this is how both LOs look put into my album:

My blog has changed templates again - one of my friends (thanks Jen) had said she couldn't leave a comment on my December 1st post so I am hoping that reverting to a simpler template should resolve this - so please leave a comment if you like what you've seen so I know it's working now!


Claire Williams said...

Gorgeous pages Cathy, can't wait to see the rest!

jen said...

Beautiful, lovely idea that the boys did their own cards. Yay I can comment too :)

Helen said...

you're doing great with JYC, these pages are lovely!! hope you're feeling better ! :):)

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