Super Scrapagogo Storyteller!

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So on Saturday I was very lucky to attend the scrapagogo storyteller event in Bristol. There were 5 classes and it was a long day after a sleepless night but I really enjoyed it and learnt loads. It was nice to meet some of the gogo ladies that I converse with online and everyone was very friendly. There were 3 LOs and 2 minibooks - the minibooks are nowhere near finished but I sat down and finished the LOs last night and they are here:

This class was all about circles - using the circles on the PP and telling a circular story - mine is about Port Eynon where I used to go regularly as a child and took my children back to.

This was Laura's class about using rub-ons and writing onto photos - this was the only LO I managed to finish on the day.

This was Nicola's class on using fabrics - I found the yoyo's quite difficult but perserved and I love how this LO has turned out. Considering we didn't know what we'd be making in advance the photo matches the LO colours very well. We're buying a frame for this one and putting it on the wall.


Julia Dunnit said...

Fab LOs, I love what you did throughout - I would frame the family one too - and I like the LO from Laura's class particularly - am coming round to scrapping about 'me' at the mo. Our event at 2 Scrap Ladies is hoping to get you to do 12 LOs for a calendar on the day - do you think we're being a bit ambitious? I have loads of family dotted around your part of Hampshire..M&D are in Cranmore Lane - do you know it?!! Small world, huh.

Rachel said...

ooooo they are lovely layout

Nicola said...

Gorgeous LO's Cathy , I am so chuffed you are putting 'Family Fables' on the wall xx

Spain mini book