Busy times

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Sorry for the complete lack of blog action recently... Have had some time off work and been off round the country seeing family and friends and am off again today camping in the New Forest for the bank holiday. On top of that the house we were buying had fallen through (luckily it was us that pulled out not the vendors) but we are now trying to find somewhere else to live asap and just can't find anywhere - it's very stressful and quite tiring so by the end of the day I've been collapsed in a chair watching tele (well actually normally falling asleep).

I have done some scrapping at the Cove crop and will post photos when I am back. Hopefully when I am back at work my mojo will return and there'll be plenty more posts again...

Anyway just to post something here are some older LOs that I particularly like:


A Blog In The Life Of Krystal... said...

love the layouts, thanks for sharing!!

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