Some more EHAS LOs

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No scrapbooking done yesterday as we spent the afternoon at a fab barbecue with some old friends and I was knackered when we got home! Today I have both the boys as Jon is off selling some more of our junk at a car boot sale and I am taking them to Stoke Park in Guildford for some fun (and hopefully some great photos) in the paddling pool.

Anyway here are some more of the LOs I've done for my Everyone Has a Story album. They are all related to my childhood and growing up. The first is a single LO about my school days:

Next is a double LO about my childhood. Spookily the photo of me in the paddling pool was taken at Stoke Park, which is where we're heading off to today!

Then there is this double LO which I did during the workshop which is all about growing up.

I really like these LOs as I never had any photos of me when I was little until I asked my parents for some to use in this workshop. The boys love looking at me when I was a little girl.

Hopefully will actually do some scrapping tonight. I want to start doing the weekly challenges on which is a fab new sketches site - the twist is having to use a technique/material as well as the sketch each week. This week it's glitter which is not my favourite but I have some ideas...


Carmen said...

I really like them too. I love the journalling you have done which is something I always struggle with and put off. Beautiful photos - especially the ballet one :)

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